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The Company Collomix

The original - when it comes to mixing

Company Collomix,  Mixing equipment manufacturer,  Producer of mixing machines
Photos:© Collomix (Building)

Collomix has been setting standards in stirring and mixing technology for 40 years, launching numerous innovations which have since become long-standing international standards. Today our engineers are working on tomorrow’s products. And all the time our attention is fixed on what professionals on the building-site appreciate most: functional technology, practice-related design, rugged and particularly economical equipment. In other words, exactly the right mix for making it easier and simpler to work on the construction-site.

Professionals prefer mixing equipment from Collomix for a number of good reasons. One of the most important is that we know the requirements needing to be met day by day on the building-site. Our entire range of mixing machines is solutions-orientated. This is made possible by the continuous exchange of opinion and experience with the manufacturers of chemical building products, dealers and users. The results are impressive: our products and our service are regarded as milestones in the building trade.