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HEXAFIX® quick-action coupling

HEXAFIX® for mixing paddle change-over in next to no time without additional aids

Collomix HEXAFIX quick-action coupling
Photos:© Collomix (HEXAFIX / Mixing thin-bed mortar)

It’s a well-known problem on construction-sites: You urgently need to change a mixing paddle but you simply can't find the necessary changing tool. The result: you waste time, you lose money and your blood pressure rises. There is a way to spare yourself all this annoyance! With HEXAFIX®, the innovative and patented quick-action coupling. For mixing paddle change-over without special aids.

HEXAFIX-quick action coupling
With HEXAFIX® you have several advantages in one:
  • you extend the life of your mixing tools because they are easier to clean
  • you save a lot of space; mixers fit in any vehicle when the mixing tools are removed from them 
  • you can switch without difficulty from one mixing tool geometry to another; this is ideal for processing materials of different viscosities

Collomix Products with HEXAFIX® quick-action coupling: