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Collomix Mixing Atlas

Trust in our mixing competence

If you have a certain material to prepare and aren't sure which mixing tool is the best for the job, we have the solution. The Collomix Mixing Atlas will give you the right answer.

In the Collomix Mixing Atlas you will find specially selected manufacturers of materials in the construction chemicals sector who offer very wide horizontal or vertical ranges of products and highly specialized materials. Simply select the manufacturer required by clicking on the mouse and you will gain access to a list of materials (in PDF format) from which you can choose the right mixing paddle or the right automatic mixing machine.

Material manufacturers

Tips on use

Our product recommendations are given according to the best of our knowledge and experience, but we cannot provide a guarantee for their correctness. All information is non-binding because the materials are subject to technical changes made by the manufacturers, over which we have no influence. Therefore, please always refer to the material manufacturer's notes in the technical data sheets and carefully check the suitability of the mixing tools and machines for the task at hand and in accordance with the notes and instructions in the operating instructions for the devices. Subject to technical change. Mixing tool selection is based on the quoted tubs in which the material is supplied. The use of the automatic mixer is normally based on a multiple of the supplied quantity or on mixing operations with aggregate.



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