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Collomix mixers - at home on construction sites

mixing blade, stirrer, mixing rod

Mixing paddles / Stirrer

The success of your work depends on choosing the right mixing rod. Mixing tool geometry and material viscosity must match. Only then is it possible to transform the material quickly and easily in its desired final state - without lumps and splashes.
Mixing paddles / Stirrer ...

Double handle mixing drills Xo

Xo mixer drills

The new Xo hand-held mixers are using the most powerful motor and gear unit components. To guarantee lasting operational safety and reliability even under the toughest conditions.
Xo mixing drills ...

double spindle mixer, twin-shaft mixer, hand-held forced action mixer, mixing drill, two stirrers, duo mixer

Xo 55 duo power mixer

Xo duo mixers encloses power, effectiveness and ruggedness; with excellent functionality and ease of maintenance. Fast and thorough mixing of a wide range of different materials.
Xo 55 duo hand-held mixers ...

Portable Mixing stand RMX

RMX mixing stand

The power mixer is held by the RMX mixing stand, so the user only has to move the swivel arm. It can be moved in all directions, enabling every point in the mixing container to be reached. Ideal for heavy materials and prolonged use.
RMX mixing stand ...

LevMix mixer for leveling flowding liquid compounds

LevMix mobile mixer

Blending of leveling compounds fast and easy with the new Collomix LevMix mobile mixer. Three process steps in one makes mixing jobs much more easier.
More about the new LevMix mobile mixer ...

Automatic tub mixer

AOX-S bucket mixer

AOX-S rotational bucket mixer with a high-speed mixing mechanism and scraper; mixing tub with separate motor, ideal for thin-bed mortar, adhesives, fillers, coverings, mortar, etc.
AOX-S bucket mixer ...

compact mixer | automatic mixer | mortar mixer | plaster mixer | concrete mixer |grout mixer | screed mixer

TMS 2000 portable mortar mixer

Mixing with a free-fall mixer is old-fashioned. Today ready-mixed materials will be prepared with the TMS 2000 mortar mixer. The mobile compact mixer convinced by its versatility of applications, even on the smallest building sites. Ideal for mixing dry and highly viscous materials, such as many types of mortar, plaster, concrete, screed, etc.
TMS 2000 portable mortar mixer ...

High speed compusory mixer, planetary mixer XM

XM 2-650 forced action mixer

Rugged XM forced action mixer for the highest professional requirements. Two different mixing speeds for low and high viscosity materials, especially 2-component products.
XM forced action mixer ...