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AOX-S rotating bucket mixer

AOX-S rotating bucket mixer offer perfect mixing and performance, and that pays

rotating bucket mixer for portable concret mixer, etc.
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AOX-S rotating bucket mixer
with a high-speed central mixing tool. The mixing tub has its own motor for turning it; for thorough mixing results an edge scraper prevents deposits of material from collecting on the side of the tub. Max. 12 gal / 110 lbs, subject to viscosity; with two interchangeable stirrers.

12 gallon counter rotating bucket cement and mortar mixer
AOX-S counter rotating mixer

The versatile bucket mixer: ideal for thin-bed mortar and fillers

Size of bucket 17 gal.
Mixing volumes of up to 12 gal. / 110 lbs
Motor rotary table 0.55 kW / 0.75 hp / 110 VAC
Speed of mixing tub 18 rpm
Motor mixing tool 1 kW / 1.36 hp / 110 VAC
Speed mixing tool 750 rpm
Weight 128 lbs
Dimension 600 x 820 x 870 mm
2 interchangeable mixing tools (M-14)
  › KR: suitable for mortar, screed, plaster, tile ashesive, filler, etc.
  › DLX: suitable for thin-bed mortar, liquid coverings, pointing mortar, etc.
Item number 37125