Mixing Assistant RMX

  • Rugged design
  • Easy handling
  • Gas-pres­surized spring
  • Easy to transport
  • Ideal for heavy materials

On construction sites or in workshops - This rugged RMX mixing assistant (support arm) copes easily with even viscous and heavy materials. Reliably absorbs and dissipates the generated forces. The RMX mixing stand is an economical alternative to automatic mixers.

(Comes without machine and bucket)

Hexafix® Quick-­Cou­pling Adapter

  • Easy cleaning of mixing paddles
  • Quick changing of mixing paddles
  • Space saving

The HEXAFIX® coupling simplifies the changing of mixing paddles on site. HEXAFIX® for mixing paddle change-over in next to no time without additional aids.

Bucket Dolly

  • Pneumatic tires
  • Locking arm for pouring
  • Big wheels

For handling the heavy mixing buckets quickly and easily; for clean and convenient emptying of thin-bodied materials.

(Comes without mixing bucket)

Mixing buckets

  • Strong and durable
  • Tear-of­f-re­sistant handles
  • Made of high-strength materials

Particularly high quality mixing buckets - perfectly tailored to the Collomix small batch mixing products.

Mixing Know-How for Additional Products !

8 Typical Mixing Errors and How to Prevent Them

We show you how to prevent the 8 common mixing errors and how to prevent them on your daily construction site.

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Item UPC Product
60177 849215000180 8 Gallons bucket
60403 849215000197 17 Gallons Bucket / Tub
70115 849215003341 17 Gallons Tall Bucket (LevMix)
mix.GRIP bucket holder
mix.GRIP Bucket Holder
item no. 19180
upc 849215003938
Sack opener Sharky
Sharky Bag Ripper
item no. 19190
upc 849215003945
dust.EX Dust Extraction
Dust Extraction dust.EX
item no. 19040
upc 849215003921

Bag Ripper SHARKY

  • Clean and easy opening on all types of bags
  • Compatible with a wide range of bucket diameters

The SHARKY bag ripper considerably simplifies the handling and emptying of material bags on the construction site.

Put the practical bag ripper on your mixing bucket, then place the material bag on the teeth and it will be opened almost without any effort — and without the need for an additional knife. Furthermore, the material lands exactly where it belongs: in the bucket.

When used together with the dust.EX dust extraction device, you can achieve a virtually dust-free working environment. Thanks to its intelligent design, SHARKY can be used with a wide range of bucket diameters.

Dust Extraction dust.EX

  • Clean environment
  • Health protection
  • Mobile device

While opening the bag, filling the powdered material or starting the mixing process, it is simply impossible to avoid generating potentially harmful amounts of dust. This can negatively affect workers’ health and lead to contamination of the workplace. This can be a real problem, particularly when working indoors.

The dust.EX dust extraction device is simply clamped to the edge of the mixing bucket in combination with a vacuum cleaner. The clamping spring enables attachment to almost any mixing bucket. Switch the vacuum cleaner on for virtually dust-free working while filling or mixing. dust.EX reliably removes any escaping material.

Bucket Holder mix.GRIP

  • No overspinning buckets
  • Adjustable foot treadle
  • Ergonom­i­cally mixing

Depending on the material’s composition, there is a risk of the mixing bucket overspinning. This is not only dangerous but also annoying, since material may be thrown out of the bucket and contaminate the work environment. mix.GRIP provides a solution, because it always has the bucket firmly under control. Thanks to the adjustable foot treadle, buckets of various diameters can be secured quickly and easily.

Item UPC Product
19180 849215003938 mix.GRIP Bucket Holder
60177 - 8 Gal. Bucket
8 Gallons bucket
item no. 60177
upc 849215000180

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