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Heavy Duty Portable Mixer LevMix 65

Mix and pour self-leveling compounds for perfect results

Blending of leveling compounds fast and easy with the new Collomix LevMix 65 mobile mixer. The LevMix 65 unites three steps in one operation: mixing, transporting and pouring. Save time and mix up to three bags plus of mixing material at once. Dust free operation with practical connection for the vacuum cleaner.

Perfectly designed for: Floor leveling compounds and levelers, leveling fillers, leveling compounds, pouring screed, fiber-reinforced fillers, colored surfacing materials, colored coatings, liquid plastics, etc.

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Heavy Duty Portable Compact Mixer TMS 2000

When economy counts

The professional automatic portable mortar mixer for mixing up pre-bagged building materials with ease; Suitable for up to 20 gals. of mixing material; Designed for speed, mobility and reliability so it saves time, energy and money.

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Mixing Know-How for Automatic Mixers !

5 good reasons why to mix with a LevMix 65

Mixing with the LevMix 65 can save your time and money - why? Just read ...

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Large quantities, short mixing times

Rotating mixer AOX-S: These mixers are suitable for larger mix amounts of the most varied materials, such as many types of mortars, plasters, fillers and adhesives.

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