Paddle Mixer Xo 1 R

Entry-Level Paddle Mixer for mixing capacities of up to 10 gals.

Paddle Mixer Xo 4 R

Rugged universal mixer for mixing quantities of up to 17 gals.

Paddle Mixer Xo 6 R

The power package for the toughest mixing jobs up to 24 gals.

Mixer Xo 55R duo

The heavy-duty double paddle mixer for mixing capacities of up to 24 gals.

Why Collomix Collomixer ?

Advantag Xo Power-Mix
Hexafix Coupling Collomix
Collomix mixing drills xo / xo duo ergonomics
Powerful Hand-held mixers / mixing drills

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Mixing Know-How for Collomixer !

Are you still mixing with an ordinary power drill?

Mixing jobs are part of the daily routine on any construction sites. But many craftsmen continue to struggle with a simple power drill for complex mixing jobs.

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Quick and intensive mixing with the Xo 55 R duo double spindle mixer

Whenever you need quick and intensive mixing of even tough, plastic materials which are difficult to mix, double-spindle mixers, like the Collomix Xo 55 duo, impress with the best working results

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