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Why Collomix Hand-Held Mixing Drills ?

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Battery Mixer Xo 10 NC

Cordless mixing without compromise

Independence during mixing work, without being dependent on the nearest socket outlet. Mix wherever the material is being processed: in the underground car park, on the scaffolding, in the shell, in the courtyard or in the open countryside.

The powerful 18 V, 5.2 Ah Li-ion battery of the Collomix Xo 10 NC ensures sufficient range and torque, even with denser and plastic materials such as ready-mixed mortar or adhesives.

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Xo 55 duo

The heavy-duty double paddle mixer

Makes your heavy work lighter. The counter-rotating heavy-duty double paddle mixer Xo 55 duo makes lots of mixing jobs easier and quicker. There is no counter-torque on the user and the machine is easy to move even in heavy and viscous material. You can generally count on being finished in just half the time. That’s modern mixing!

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Mixing Know-How for Hand-Held Mixing Drills !

Are you still mixing with an ordinary power drill?

Mixing jobs are part of the daily routine on any construction sites. But many craftsmen continue to struggle with a simple power drill for complex mixing jobs.

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Quick and intensive mixing with the Xo 55 duo double spindle mixer

Whenever you need quick and intensive mixing of even tough, plastic materials which are difficult to mix, double-spindle mixers, like the Collomix Xo 55 duo, impress with the best working results

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