Displaying Your Collomix Products: Best Practices

We certainly appreciate your decision to buy—and sell—Collomix products. Over the years, we have found that the proper display of Collomix is a key ingredient to “out the door” sales

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Impressions from the WOC 2020

Come by and inform yourself about our (new) products at our booth at the WOC. No time? Here are some impressions and voices from the WOC.

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AQiX – Precise water dosing made easy

A completely new device for extremely accurate water dosing when mixing on the construction site

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A huge construction site in Bangkok

High, higher, highest. That is the motto of modern high-rise construction. But if you want to go high, you not only need good engineering know-how, but you also have to use the perfect equipment for every step of the way.

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8 Typical Mixing Errors and How to Prevent Them

We show you how to prevent the 8 common mixing errors and how to prevent them on your daily construction site.

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Are you still mixing with an ordinary power drill?

Mixing jobs are part of the daily routine on any construction sites. But many craftsmen continue to struggle with a simple power drill for complex mixing jobs.

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Mixing Terrazzo with the forced-action mixer TMX 1000

Mixing terrazzo with the new Collomix compact mixer TMX 1000. Get your terrazzo mixing jobs done with more power and with perfect results.

Intelligent combination of mixing and pouring

The use of the Collomix Floor Leveling Mixer LevMix 65 in the installation of floor filler in a new dormitory building.

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Matching the correct mixing paddle with the correct material

Short mixing times, optimal results and minimum physical strain on the user can only be achieved with the right size of mixing paddle, the right mixing action and corresponding rotation speed

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How to mix 3 bags of floor leveling-compound with the Collomix mobile mixer LevMix

Mix 3 bags of Weber Plan 813-10 (self-leveling floor mixture) without any lumps by using the Collomix mixer LevMix 65.

Quick and intensive mixing with the Xo 55 R duo double spindle mixer

Whenever you need quick and intensive mixing of even tough, plastic materials which are difficult to mix, double-spindle mixers, like the Collomix Xo 55 duo, impress with the best working results

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Mix it right!

Professional mixing is a production process on the building site which has a decisive influence on the workability of the material and the work results.

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5 good reasons why to mix with a LevMix 65

Mixing with the LevMix 65 can save your time and money - why? Just read …

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