High, higher, highest. That is the motto of modern high-rise construction. But if you want to go high, you not only need good engineering know-how, but you also have to use the perfect equipment for every step of the way.

This also applies to the current project: ICON SIAM in Bangkok/Thailand. A spectacular project! Among other things, this project also includes two high-rise complexes with 50/70 floors.

High engineering skills require perfect equipment

With such an enormous construction project, it is, of course, important that all work is completed perfectly and in the shortest possible time. Every day consumes more money. And this does not only apply to the “big” jobs, but even the smallest mixing tasks, which require maximum precision. Subsequent structural damage and high consequential costs can also be avoided by selecting the right mixing tool.

Application COLLOMIX: Filling inspection shafts with HILTI fire protection mortar

The importance of the right building material and tools is demonstrated by the fact that the mortar was also imported from Germany for this project. This fire protection mortar/reinforcement mortar is particularly tough, fibre-reinforced and therefore very difficult to work with. This is where a professional mixing tool really comes in that can handle the highest demands without any problems. The construction company in Bangkok has opted for our hand-held duo mixer Xo 55 in combination with the RMX mixing stand.

The Xo 55 duo mixer scores particularly well with its high throughput rate (mixed every day for 12 hours / continuous operation). The two counter-rotating, interlocking mixing paddles of the Xo 55 duo work their way through the material with maximum intensity. The mortar is forced through the mixing plant and achieves a thorough material preparation. With the forced mixing effect, even the toughest materials are mixed perfectly with a time saving of up to 50% (compared to a single paddle mixer or certainly a drill). In order to make these difficult mixing tasks even easier, the RMX mixing stand came into play. It holds the mixer during the mixing process, so that the user is less physically stressed. Anyone who has mixed tough material for a long time will appreciate this advantage.

The mixing was only interrupted by 3 minute breaks to replace the bucket and to clean the mixing tools in the Collomix Mixer Clean. This allowed the many tons of refractory mortar to be mixed perfectly in a very short time. When it comes to the precision of mixing results, Collomix mixers are in their element. Even on large construction sites, in continuous operation, you are always your man.

Team Collomix: Xo 55 duo & RMX in continuous operation in high-rise building construction
Fire-resistant mortar, tough, fibre-reinforced and difficult to mix. Just right for the hand-guided forced-action mixer Xo 55 duo
Mixed and ready to use. The optimum mixing result after every mixing process
Mixing in continuous operation
Fire-resistant mortar and rock wool mats secure the pipe shafts between the floors
The final result - an ICON in progress

Usage note: Our product recommendations are given according to the best of our knowledge and experience, but we cannot provide a guarantee for their correctness. Therefore, please always refer to the material manufacturer's notes in the technical data sheets and carefully check the suitability of the mixing tools and machines for the task at hand and in accordance with the notes and instructions in the operating instructions for the devices.