How Mixing Brings Your Materials to Life

You can buy the best mixing material in the world, but it won’t guarantee success. Why?

Because the best material only means that the potential of your raw ingredients is high. After all, a bag of mortar is useless until it’s processed to its full potential.

Yes, the quality of materials is still critical. And if you care about quality, you’ll choose wisely. But to get the most out of your materials, mixing is essential. It starts with choosing the proper Paddle Mixer for the number of bags you need to mix. But the most important decision you’ll make is your paddle.

Unfortunately, many builders grab a random paddle, turn it on and mix away. It’s a one-size-fits-all approach to a problem that requires unique solutions. It’s like a builder constructing a house with a single tool.

The truth is that the shape of your paddle makes all the difference for the quality of your mix, and ultimately, the quality of the product you deliver.

Watch this short video to see how different paddles process materials differently.

We’ve spent nearly 50 years perfecting the science of mixing. We’ve sold tens of millions of paddles in multiple shapes and sizes.

With the right paddles, you’ll have an entire working system to get the perfect mix every time.

Here’s a simple formula to become a “material mixologist”

Materials + Water + a Paddle Mixer + The Right Paddle = The Perfect Mix

If you want to find out which paddle to choose for your job? Check out our online Mixing-Atlas. Simply choose your specific material or material manufacturer to see the best paddle choice for your mixing job.

Information is power, but the experience speaks for itself.

Usage note: Our product recommendations are given according to the best of our knowledge and experience, but we cannot provide a guarantee for their correctness. Therefore, please always refer to the material manufacturer's notes in the technical data sheets and carefully check the suitability of the mixing tools and machines for the task at hand and in accordance with the notes and instructions in the operating instructions for the devices.