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How to Stop Your Drill from Smoking on a Mixing Job

“Looking for a drill that does not smoke and catch on fire.”

A burnt-out contractor posts in an online forum. He’s tried it all.

A cheap drill “screams like crazy.” A mud mixer takes too long. A hammer drill smokes.

It’s a smoldering problem most contractors face.

But what if the solution isn’t even a drill?

To mix heavy materials like mortar, a tool requires high torque and low speed.

But drills offer low torque and high speed.

It’s why most drills literally burn out under stress.

To solve the problem, we created The Collomixer.

paddle-mixer xo from collomix

It’s a handheld power tool designed exclusively for mixing.
It’s not a modified drill repackaged by a corporate marketing department.
Every part is German-made from the ground up to mix––and last.
High torque pushes heavy materials without burning out.
The high-efficiency cooling system keeps the motor churning for long intervals.

*(Mixing time is a major reason why drills burn out. Drills are built for quick bursts, not mixing marathons.) *

With The Collomixer, there are no fires and no frustrations.

In fact, it saves drills to do what drills do best.

Here’s to the perfect mix in less time (without any smoke).

To see how a drill stacks up against The Collomixer, check out this video.

To dig deeper into the contractor’s frustrations, visit the online forum.

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