The Xo 55 R duo heavy-duty double spindle mixer makes work particularly efficient. Thanks to the compulsory mixing effect – the spindles working in opposite directions – the material is mixed quickly and intensively: It is passed through the mixing tool and does not escape. This brings about the best working results, even for the most difficult-to-mix materials. Meanwhile, no counter-torque retroacts on the operator, which makes guiding the mixer through the material easier. By interchanging the mixing tools, the mixing effect can be reversed, which can be advantageous when working with fluid materials.

The Xo 55 R duo has an excellent ergonomics. With its enhanced design, it enables you to work in an upright position without bending your back. Shaped grip handles enable form-fit and friction-locked handling for optimum control of the mixer with significantly-reduced effort. The Hexafix quick coupling offers comfort and safety with firmly defined installation positions for color coded mixing paddles. To remove or change the mixer, just pull the sleeve on the coupling and the mixer will be released. Protective caps stop the coupling from becoming dirty and ensure perfect functionality.

Task: Mix adhesive mortar with the Xo R duo mixing drill

Observe the basic details about the device and material in the operating instructions or in the manufacturers’ technical data sheets. Insertion of mixing paddles – error-free thanks to Hexafix coupling and color coding. Refer to the container for the amount of water required, and measure out in a vessel. Pour water into the mixing bucket. Keep to the correct order: first the water, then the adhesive mortar. Always hold the Xo duo mixer with both hands. Put the Xo 55 R duo in the mix and start it at the same time. Work at a reduced motor speed at the start and end of the mixing process to avoid splashes and jerks. During the mixing process, the paddle must be completely covered with material. At the start of the mixing process, the effect of the mixing can still be clearly observed. During the further course of the mixing process, increase the motor speed to the maximum and maintain for the entire mixing time. Only in this way does the mixing tool work efficiently and with sufficient cooling of the motor. Pass the machine through the mixing bucket during the mixing process. Mix until all the mix has been thoroughly mixed in and completely worked through. The result: clump-free, evenly-mixed material in a consistency which is ready for use.

Mixing material: Adhesive mortar
Fast and easy mixing with the Collomix Xo duo
Mixing result - the way it should be

Usage note: Our product recommendations are given according to the best of our knowledge and experience, but we cannot provide a guarantee for their correctness. Therefore, please always refer to the material manufacturer's notes in the technical data sheets and carefully check the suitability of the mixing tools and machines for the task at hand and in accordance with the notes and instructions in the operating instructions for the devices.