Paddle MK

For mixing grouts, plas­ters or concretes, etc.

Paddle WK

For mixing grouts, mortars, plas­ters, filler­s, etc.

Paddle KR

For mixing tile adhesives, seal­ing compound­s, etc.

Paddle AR

For mixing bitumen sealants, bitumen fillers, etc.

Paddle DLX

For mixing large volumes of paints, fillers, cover­ings, etc.

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Paddle LX

For mixing paints, epoxy-resins, plas­tic­s, etc.

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Paddles MKD

Suitable for almost every construction material

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Why Collomix Mixing paddles ?

Versatile collomix mixing paddles
Hexafix Coupling Collomix
Guard ring mixing paddle
Produktvorteil-pulverbeschichtung mixing paddles

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Mixing Know-How for Mixing paddles !

Matching the correct mixing paddle with the correct material

Short mixing times, optimal results and minimum physical strain on the user can only be achieved with the right size of mixing paddle, the right mixing action and corresponding rotation speed

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8 Typical Mixing Errors and How to Prevent Them

We show you how to prevent the 8 common mixing errors and how to prevent them on your daily construction site.

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