Mixing Atlas


A simple solution for every mix

With thousands of materials on the market, choosing the right tools for the job can feel overwhelming. Collomix equips you with the insight and tools for the perfect mix, every single time.

Every material mixes differently. Therefore, it is important to master the mixinig process. For results that last, it takes the right machine and the right paddle. We’ve studied the science of mixing for over 40 years, designing tools to optimize your mix and maximize your results.

To ensure that you always find the right equipment for your mixing task, we offer you a detailed information system:

German Engineered

Every material needs the right paddle.

Choose the right paddle for your job. Depending on the drive machine and the quantity to be mixed, find the right paddle diameter.

Paddle WK
WK - Designed For All Sticky And Viscous Materials
» Masonry cement » Joint cement » Stucco » Grout » Epoxy resin grout
Paddle LX
LX - Designed For All Liquid And Spreading Materials
» Wall paints » Epoxy Coatings » Sealants » Top Coatings
Paddle KR
KR - Designed For All Sticky Materials
» Tile adhesive » Grouting compounds » Fillers » Epoxy grouts » Self-leveling underlayments » Glues
Paddle DLX
DLX - Designed For Leveling Compounds And Liquid Materials
» Leveling compound » Slurry » Bitumen-free sealing » Cementitious grout
Paddle MK
MK - Designed For All Heavy And Highly Viscous Materials
» Concrete » Mortar » Plaster » Underlayments » Quartz filled epoxy mortars » Smoothing cement
Paddle MKD
MKD - Designed For Almost All Materials
» All materials and viscosities