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How to Stop Your Drill from Smoking on a Mixing Job

There is a good reason why there are specially designed power tools for mixing building materials.
The factors that determine this are: Power - Speed - Cooling and Ergonomics

Designed for drilling holes
Drilling machines are designed for drilling holes in a wide variety of materials. To ensure that this is done successfully, the appropriate drill bits are also available. Drilling work normally requires a high speed from the machine in order to be able to enter the material with the drill bit. A drilling operation usually takes only a short time.

If you now want to use a drilling machine for mixing, the situation is reversed. The paddle mixer used is significantly larger than a drill, so the machines have to apply significantly more force. Since the mixing process takes significantly longer than drilling, the load on the drive motor also increases. At the same time, the motor is slowed down considerably by the resistance of the material to be mixed. This in turn leads to significant heating of the drive. Within a very short time, the motor can burn up.

Convert speed into torque
In addition, the motor speed is not optimally converted into torque due to the significantly smaller gearbox of the machine. This means that there is not enough power available to move the mix. As a result, the gear components (gear set, pinion) are subject to increased wear, and the machine breaks down in a very short time.

Drills are to be used at most when mixing small quantities of liquid or light materials. Heavier or viscous materials lead to the problems described.

Work healthier with better posture
Another aspect is of an ergonomic nature: professional hand-held mixing devices take into account a force-saving body posture during the mixing process. This means a hand posture in an unstrained position or working with an upright back, which protects the body and health.
Many users are familiar with the problem that when using drilling machines for mixing, they quickly reach their technical limits and burn out.
Why buy a drill several times when there are special devices for this purpose that
reliably do their job for years?

To solve the problem, we created The Collomixer