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Compact-Mixer Collomatic TMX 1000Compact powerhouse for mixing heavy materials.
Compact-Mixer Collomatic TMX 1000Compact powerhouse for mixing heavy materials.
The TMX 1000 is a compact, powerful automatic mixer specially designed for pre-bagged, heavy materials. Three precisely angled arms spin at a low rotation to thoroughly mix up to three bags of heavy materials. Let the TMX do the mixing, so you can be productive on the jobsite.

Product details

Concrete mixer TMX for concrete, mortar and dry mixes

  • Mobility

    The TMX fits through standard 31” doors with ease. With two stable wheels, it’s easy to maneuver wherever you need it, even over uneven surfaces and when loading and unloading off the truck.
  • High Productivity

    It’s intentionally designed to decrease risk and increase productivity. The ingenious bag ripper on top of the machine opens bags for you. After you achieve the perfect mix, simply open the chute and watch the machine empty itself. The manual shaker allows you to remove any stubborn materials.
  • Health & Safety

    The TMX has a dust extraction hook-up and removable cover to reduce dust emission. With an automatic safety shutdown, the lid prevents anyone from reaching into the machine while it’s running.
  • Easy to Clean

    Spend less time cleaning at the end of the day. Remove the mixing paddle and pull out the extractable chute without tools for easy cleaning. Simply wipe down the drum. No residue is left.

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