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Forced Action Mixer XMIf the XM can't mix it, no mixer can.
Forced Action Mixer XMIf the XM can't mix it, no mixer can.
Mobile high-performance forced-action mixer, a monster of a machine for monstrous tasks. If the XM can't do it, nothing can. The ultimate in efficiency and quality thanks to different tooling and different speeds. A strong partner at your side, ideal for challenging tasks such as renovations and industrial floors.

Product details

Forced-action mixer for high-performance materials

  • High Productivity

    Mix more in less time, with planetary gear that converts power into high torque and high speed. Mix more than one ton of material an hour by alternating mixing buckets. A built-in timer lets you control mixing cycles. The rim scraper and height-adjustable mixing tools remove all material deposits from the bucket for faster cleanup and more productivity. A bucket dolly makes transporting and pouring the mix easy and prevents back strain.
  • Forced-action Mixing

    Forced-action mixing tackles the most challenging materials with counter-rotating motion. With two interchangeable tools and multiple speeds, you can mix a variety of materials in one machine, from liquid and plastic media to multi-component systems like quartz sand mortar.
  • Health & Safety

    The safety lid has an automatic shut-off to prevent anyone from reaching into the machine while it's running. For added safety, the machine won’t start unless the bucket is securely in place. To protect your lungs the XM 2 also features a dust extraction hook-up. To reduce dust exposure at the workplace, the machine is equipped with a vacuum cleaner connection.
  • Material

    The master for challenging materials such as quartz-filled epoxy resins, industrial floor coatings, concrete, plastic-modified mortar, concrete renovation, screeds, leveling compounds, flowing screeds, steel fiber mortar, stone carpets.
  • Task master

    Many reaction resin systems need to be processed quickly in a short space of time. With the help of the exchangeable mixing buckets, the transport trolley and controlling the mixing process via the timer of the XM, the mixtures can be optimally timed and entire task columns can be supplied.

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