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Mixing Action revealed - its in the PADDLE.

It’s all about the right mixing paddle.

Choosing the right mixing paddle for your mixing material guaranties perfect mixing results.

Are you still mixing with an ordinary power drill?

Why not mixing with a professional mixing tool, especially made for mixing? With the Collomix Xo Paddle Mixers you will safe time and money and you will always achieve perfect mixing results.

The right mixing paddle for your daily work on construction site

We show you which mixing paddle is the right one for your material. Because only the right mixing paddle can achieve perfect mixing results.

Mixing $25,000 of EPOXY RESIN + Collomix Xo6 Review

Tim poured 12,000 square feet of metallic epoxy, and has used our power mixer Collomix Xo 6 the entire time. We were blown away by how good it was and we wanted to share our thoughts.

Mixing Terrazzo with the forced-action mixer TMX 1000

Mixing terrazzo with the new Collomix compact mixer TMX 1000. Get your terrazzo mixing jobs done with more power and with perfect results.

Mixing stucco, plaster, render or mud with the Collomix Paddle Mixers XO

Mixing materials with ease by using the professional Collomix Paddle Mixers Xo.

How to mix 3 bags of floor leveling-compound with the Collomix mobile mixer LevMix

Mix 3 bags of Weber Plan 813-10 (self-leveling floor mixture) without any lumps by using the Collomix mixer LevMix 65.

dust.Ex the mobile dust extraction by Collomix

A clean, dust-free working environment is often essential. With the use of mobile dust extraction system dust.EX you can achieve both without great effort.

Collomix X01 Thinset Mixer Review

Thanks to Destination Spell for this product review for our Collomix Xo 1 Power Hand-Held Mixer with Quick Connect Mixing Paddle WK 120 HF.

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