Water dosing instrument AQiX

  • Mea­sure water up to 50% fas­ter
  • Ultraprecise
  • Battery-­op­erated
  • Rugged design
  • Flexible connec­tions

Always the right amount of water for your specific mixing material? No problem for the new water dosing instrument AQIX.

Using the AQiX is very easy. Just connect the battery-operated device to your water hose and enter the desired amount of water via the display. The AQiX switches off automatically as soon as the entered amount of water has been reached. By using the AQiX you achieve a consistently high material quality with every mix. This provides safety, prevents possible construction defects and also reduces water costs.

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Mixing Know-How for Water Dosing device !

AQiX – Precise water dosing made easy

A completely new instrument for extremely accurate water dosing when mixing on the construction site

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Item UPC Product Dosing quantity Flow rate Max. operating pressure Battery Water connection Weight
19042 849215001934 AQiX 0.3-99 quarts 42 qt/min. (at 6 bar) 29-87 psi (2-6 bar) 2 x AA 3/4” 688.0 g

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